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Have your say what movies you watch, not Hollywood

Martin Warner
Apr 17, 2016 · 3 min read

by Martin Warner, CEO & Founder,

I’ve always loved movies. I grew up watching Casablanca, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, and Raging Bull to name a few. I was always fascinated with film as a powerful medium to view the human condition. I love great stories, interesting characters, and the emotive moments that make us think about our own lives.

Fast forward to what would become a diversified career across tech and film, I found a true flaw in the Hollywood model. I’ve realized the theater model is only suited to the Hollywood blockbusters and studio movies, while the VoD (Video-on-Demand) services have such diversified content that they can’t possibly market and show all the great movies that exist out there. So, what is happening?

Each year thousands of movies are made in the US and UK markets alone; while tens of thousands of movies are made globally, of which as many as 95% of these movies ‘never’ find their audience, or recover investment.

Today, there is no single point of discovery for great movies. Unless you are a studio-made picture, most movie-goers will only ever be able to discover the blockbuster or studio-led cinema at the movie theater or on traditional VoD. The majority of quality cinema today has become difficult to discover, expensive to fund, and even harder to market.

Great films should not be dependent on who is in the movie, which studio produced it, or how much it cost produce. The words ‘blockbuster’ or ‘independent’ no longer mean anything — as they do not define the quality of the movie. Great features are created from the power of story, characters, resonance, relevance and much more.

Flix Premiere is about recognizing the voices of all film-makers who want to share their wonderful stories with the movie-goer — and on behalf of these voices — we are informing movie-goers all over the world that they can finally enjoy cinema at large.

Why do I tell you this? At Flix Premiere we are delivering the third great choice for movie-goers. I hope we will always have the movie theatres and VoD services like Netflix, who are great for big budget original programming, and TV series anytime anywhere; however, now there is the best of both worlds — ‘Theater-on-Demand’. We are just like the movie theatre — but online and in your home. Great movies, that are Exclusive Only to Flix Premiere that will be released like the multiplex — in a theatrical format — and we do all the marketing. We are a curated movie platform for mainstream movie-goers — and we have signed up and will continue to release New Movie Premieres to movie consumers in different markets all over the world. We announce the movie, give you a red carpet screening with our Film Premiere night, and then offer our movies on General Release. And the good news is that being online means that if the movie played last week on our multiplex — you can scroll back and still stream it.

Whether we watch movies for entertainment, desire to be inspired about a story, or to simply view our life through the lens — it’s too important as a medium and an industry to be ignored, and so many great movies are. We aim to change this.

Our goal is capture the excitement of going to the theater, where you can’t wait for movies to be released — online and at home.

Have your say, and support all film-makers getting their movies discovered and seen. Join us on this amazing journey at Flix Premiere.

I’m a movie buff, and this is our cause.

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