Saira Rao

Sweetheart …okay, I know, it’s all this weird insta-intimacy we slosh around in the age of the innernets and social media ( and yes also as an oldish broad I get to call people “sweetheart “ ) …I hardly know what to say. Especially since I never EVER , dammit, saw my black, brown , etc pals as white . No, not even the ones with all the Laura Ashley happening . So..welcome ? To embracing everything you are that is . I like it here myself ….it may not always be fucking easy but it is gooood . Also damned good for you . And as for the grotesque nazi trash that did all the things you enumerate, which as we know are a fraction OF the things their KIND have done since Orange Cthulhu managed to shoehorn his fat ass into the White House with the help of a whole great big bunch of criminals , fuck ’em. I curse them . Actively . The idea of scaring a tiny kid, or disrespecting a person’s dead Mother, they are truly FILTH . They are realizing they have a fight on their hands . And I am betting women like you ( and when my feeble ass can , me ) are just who is going to GIVE them that fight . I hope that you are always strong and able to stand up for yourself and those who need you to defend them . And as you do know that millions of people like me are on the same side as you are . You are astonishing , and it does my semi-ancient carcase good to see what you wrote . A thousand blessings .

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