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Yyeahh, no. Nope. Firstly there is no Christian prohibition against trans bathrooms , which noone wants not needs by the way, just BATHROOMS , all righty ? Secondly no Christian prohibition …and by Christian I mean prohibited BY CHRIST, who I guess I should remind you was quite explicit about “ bringing a new word “ and discarding the rules and regulations of the OLD testament ; regarding abortion. Christ… or to call him by his real name , Y’shua ben Miriam , was born , lived and died a JEW. In Judaism there has never been nor is there now any prohibition whatsoever against abortion. I know, facts , SO distressing ! It would also be fabulous if you embraced a few truths …such as , it is morally repugnant that you project whatever it is frightens/threatens you most onto folks whose opinions , and whose, should they be christian , walk with christ — you know less than nothing about . And are obviously morally unfit to judge, what with all the lying you do . Most IMMIGRANTS are not here illegally , by the by . Lastly any “ translation” you are doing here is purely fantasy born of your own wickedness , lack of charity and kindness , and total absence of decency . Repent while you still can .

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