Good Enough? Never.

I’m thinking why you didn’t choose me? among everyone I did everything for you, but you chose a girl who didn’t even give a single effort. Why is it because she’s pretty? fine. I adored you, I supported you, I waste my money for you, I waste my time but never a single word came out of my mouth and saying I REGRET DOING THIS SHIT for you. To be honest being with you is the best thing in my life being with someone who makes my life light up but is the main reason now why i am back in darkness.

I was happy that finally someone completed me, but sadness came in me.

sadness that made me feel i wasn’t good enough for you that’s why you chose someone new.

sadness that made me feel that i am just a trash for you.

sadness that made me feel that i shouldn’t be existing

sadness that made me feel that i never exist in anyone’s life.

thank you for making it so hard.

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