Andela Bootcamp might make me a challenge-junkie

“Have you ever been in a spot where you are faced with a close-to-impossible task and yet running away is not an option? And then you just get excited?”


Day 1, Andela Bootcamp, greatly shook me

As day one came to a close, I had hardly finished three-quarters of the work I had to do. My brain could not handle any more work.

My eyes ached from staring at the computer screen so hard as if to compel the code to work.

It had been a baptism of fire. And yet that was just the beginning!

I shut down the laptop and headed home.

All the way home, I racked my brain for all sorts of ways to get my backlog done before the beginning of Day 2.

I am glad that when I reached home, a little time in communion with God calmed me down. After all, He is the specializes in impossibilities.

Day 2 starts on a high note

Owing to the renewed strength from the Creator I was ready for another day of challenges.

Having read through the entire scope of the challenges, I realized I had been given one week to learn and use material that usually takes me a month to grasp.

It was just hilarious. I didn’t expect to but there I was, excited! Of all emotions in such a circumstance, excitement is what came.

The challenges were immense and there was no bowing out.

Giving up would have made no sense because impossible tasks are just the norm of my life.

From as far as I can remember, the things I have had to face were just impossible until they got done.

Giving up would mean I have to always run away because anywhere I run, I expect to find something new and seemingly impossible.

And so I knew at that moment that this had to be conquered.

I guess I was excited because overcoming this challenge would be a great story to tell and remember!

Calmly and excitedly gaining ground

Calmly, I got to work on my backlog. I watched the videos I needed to watch so as to learn rapidly enough to be effective.

Within no time, I was like I had never dropped any time. My team and all the bootcampers were fun and helpful.

There are some videos I didn’t have to watch because my teammates had watched them. A few texts into our Instant-Messenger room were enough for them to fill me in.

And now here I am, happily typing away at my keyboard as I look forward to the next challenge.

I am not sure if I am becoming a challenge-junkie but if I am, I think I like it.

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