6 Ways to Make Money Easily Today

Have you ever tried to pay for something and your card has been declined? Have you then checked your bank only to find multiple direct debits have gone out?

This happens to me, a lot. I know I should have better control of my finances but sometimes, being a freelancer, it’s difficult to match payments with the dates my direct debits swallow my money!

That’s why I’ve come up with some failsafe ways to make money in an instant. When cash is needed quickly here are some ways to ensure you get it.

Clear Out the Clutter

We’re always told to keep our living spaces clean and clear of clutter. You can do this while making money for the items you no longer need. There are multiple ways to sell your second hand products online, alongside many offline opportunities. Hold a garage sale, attend a car boot or table top sale, or simply sell your items on a social network like Facebook.

Add Adverts to Your Blog

If you have a website or blog you could make money by placing ads within the content. Some companies will pay £40 if you manage to sign someone up to their service. You can push this along by inviting friends and family to your blog and sharing it across your social media accounts.

Sell Your Services

Do you have a hobby you love to do in your spare time? You could be amazed at what people would pay for your talents. For example, if you like sewing, painting, writing or reading, you could find jobs on many marketplaces who will pay for your services. You only need to be good at what you do, while having the time to do what you love. Think about your talents and see yourself in a new light. Myself, I write, and I’ve spent over 20 years in business and so I offer copywriting services alongside marketing consultation. You could earn money or even start a completely new business with your very own hobby.

Check Your Tax Status

If you’re a UK non resident tax payer, if you’re a mechanic, if you’re a self employed contractor or you work overseas, you could be entitled to a tax refund. This won’t pop into your bank straight away but it could give you a windfall when you least expect it.

Claim Your Free Play

This one needs a little willpower. There are a lot of gaming sites that offer you a free bonus when you start to play. You can use this bonus, to hopefully win big. Compare the best casino sites to see which ones offer the biggest bonus and remember to stop playing as soon as your free money runs out. It’s not a guaranteed way to put money in the bank but it can help as people have been known to win hundreds using their free £10.

The point is, no matter how much you think you can’t, you can. There’s always a way to make an extra pound and to ensure you cover those direct debits before they bounce!