SEO for E-Commerce sites is tricky, takes a lot of efforts and time to make (good) links for an E-Commerce site or for any site these days (no kidding). Why E-Commerce sites SEO are different ?? It’s because they don’t add much value to the search engines, i mean they are not actually adding a lot of valuable content to search engines as most sites are selling similar products/services for their own benefit yes people do search for that and buy as well but there are like hundreds of E-Commerce sites these days which have like hundreds of product pages (if not thousands) adding very little or no value to search engines and therefore search engine’s don’t love E-Commerce sites pretty much when we talking about ranking.

Doing SEO for any site involves a major step i.e, Link building where we try and look for sites which can give links to our website so let me tell you 3 Ways to make effective , natural and long lasting backlinks for your E-Commerce sites today :

  1. Product Buying Guides — Product buying guide or Where to buy pages can get you Effective, natural and evergreen links for your E-commerce store. Every consumer who looks for a product may want to know where the product is available in the market who is selling it online/offline and what channels can be used to buy that product.

For Example: Belkin website has a Where to buy page linking to it’s associate E-commerce sites.

All these logo’s of these E-commerce/retail stores are hyperlinked getting them links

So here is one way which is by asking the Manufacturer’s of products you sell to give you a link on their respective website. It works, reach out today and give it a try.

2. Complementary Products : Most users do an online search before buying a product so this is your first thought about what products enhance to your E-commerce business. Think about products you sell on your E-commerce store. Now think about the manufacturer promotion methods to make good relationship with them and promote your store with them. Reach out to bloggers/reviewers for a link/affiliate link(if you have an affiliate program) on your website.

You can also reach out to other blogs / review sites by offering complementary products (for review or for simply giving in exchange for a link).

You can also ask manufacturers of products to may be link to your store in some blog posts about products you sell.

For Example: Martha Stewart mentions products she sells on her store in her recipes and on her per blog posts. Check here :http://www.themarthablog.com/2014/09/cooking-with-just-one-pot.html

Text highlighted in the image above shows the external links to her blog. Check the URL above to see it in action.

3. Infographics Links — Making Infographics is one best way to drive lot of links to your site. An infographic explaining a product you sell could drive insane amount of links. Yes you might be thinking is it still works ? Yes, it does and is one evergreen way of link building i would say.

Make sure you provide a clear and easy option to embed your infographic for anyone to take and go on so that it can give your E-commerce site a link whenever someone embeds your infographic on their website/store.

For Example: Casa Espresso a famous Coffee machines and coffee bean selling site has made a great infographic on UK coffee market in 2011 which increased their product conversion by 6%. Check the infographic here : http://www.casaespresso.co.uk/the-uk-coffee-market-infographic/

Some Other cool Ecommerce SEO link building ideas for your E-commerce site :

  • Apart from these, Internal linking with your own blog posts and products is another great way to increase internal links for SEO.
  • Running contests on Rafflecopter, contest girl etc are some more ways to drive some natural links as many blogs/sites take such giveaways from these contest sites and mention on their own giving you some links.

Let me know in comments if you have any queries also share the ways you use or have used to make links for your E-commerce website that turned out well. Also don’t forget to share this post if you liked it, thanks.

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