3 apps you need to survive a zombie apocalypse…

Your business has hundreds of little action items that need your attention. Action items that need to be done with little or no margin for error and only 24-hours in the day.

RECIPE FOR DISASTER if you ask me.

Take careful note:

“The Devils In The Details.”

Little DOSEN’T mean unimportant actually quite the opposite is true.

All BIG Problems start off as little problems.

Too save you from yourself use these three productivity apps.

The goods:

  1. Buffer — Save content and share them with your network at a later date.

2. Evernote — To keep track of projects, notes, to do list and photos so that you can get sh*t done.

3. Trello — keep the big picture front of mind with the white board of the future.

Remember: what gets tracked gets done.


“Give them NOTHING! But take from them EVERYTHING!”- King Leonidas

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