10 Useful, Value Products You Didn’t Know Pakistan Exports

Ever thought how the economy keeps stable and what we’re offering to the world? Wondered what goods Pakistan exports?

Pakistan is an individual from the World Trade Organization, and has two-sided and multilateral exchange concurrences with numerous countries and worldwide associations. It is a piece of the South Asian Free Trade Area agreement and the China — Pakistan Free Trade Agreement.

Latestnews has compiled a list of all the export goods that keep the country among stable traders in the world.

1. Pakistan exports the supreme value rice (including Irri 6) to Oman, Jordan, Mauritius, Chile, Jamaica and several other countries.

2. Pakistan exports fresh Kinnow (tangerines) of the highest quality around the globe, recently sold 305,000 tonnes worth $180m in 15 days.

3. Cotton Fiber, Spun Cotton and Raw Cotton is exported as the top cash crop of Pakistan.

4. Pakistan exports a variety of kinds of mangoes, including Sindhri, Chaunsa worth a whole lot. In March, we sold over $1.1m worth mangoes in 5 days.

5. Our country offers the highest quality furniture import around the globe. Built in Punjab and exported through Karachi.

6. Footballs for FIFA, yes, Pakistan exports the highest quality footballs around the world made in Sialkot. The FIFA WC 2014 featured our footballs in the final.

7. Pakistan has a diverse export of marble — onyx, alongside granite and processed sandstone.

8. The country has 3500 firms, more than 150,000 workers engaged in manufacturing of Surgical Instruments of the highest quality for export.

9. When it comes to seafood, Pakistan exports fresh and healthy shrimps/prawns to continents a far.

10. Also among the top export products of Pakistan are the leather goods — includes bags, shoes, pants, jackets and other daily wear items.

Originally published at www.latestnews.pk on August 12, 2015.

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