For those who don’t have time to watch the video …

A corrupt real-estate developer 
who’d made his name in the pure
unbridled racism of Birtherism & 
who gathered the support of the
unhappy millions by appealing to 
the call to hate ‘the other’ & protect
‘the us’ & who promised the world 
but from day one failed to deliver 
because he took you all for a ride 
& was only ever going to work the 
angles to provide even more $ for
the richest of the rich while for some 
ungodly reason you thought he was 
‘feeling your pain’ ‘cos he spoke like us’
& is now the most powerful man on earth 
& has just fired the head of the FBI because,
oh & this just takes the cake that he brazenly
declared this on t.v. for all to hear, that the Russian
thing was getting to him, & with a spineless, craven
jackal-like Republican party holding him up he now 
feels he can do what the hell he wants & actually he
may get away with it unless folks pay attention & do

thats whats happening.

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