“McCain’s politics may trouble me, but he’s a man worthy of decent treatment & more than a little…
Rexx Vernon Shelton

Hmmnnn … well you know your stuff sir for sure, how much is actual objective fact I leave to other readers.

Trump avoided Vietnam though a ‘bone spur’ … sweet jesus. Which didn’t stop him partying down at Studio 54 in New York, his own ‘personal Vietnam’ as he so nicely put it. There is more dignity and courage in fleeing to Canada, but thats just my opinion. As for why Veterans support him, that is beyond me, he uses them as backdrops for his rallies, talks his talks while he pontificates with them in the background. He knew it was a vote getter. Perhaps its a demographic thing to chosse the old white guy as a champion, who knows. I do know he is a cynical, lying, vacuous hustler & if you all fell for that then … well, what more to say.