Supreme …

Supreme …

The utterly stupendously 
supremely supreme white
race gathered its best &
brightest in Charlottesville
this weekend,

it’s choicest cuts,
it’s special stock,
it’s masterpieces
of sullen & bitter
rural idiocy,

& as you can see
one ever so special
sheet wearing Colonel
Sanders sort of guy
has prepared righteous
& stirring signs for this
momentous occasion
in white folks history,

only problem was,
well, of course there
was a multitude of
problems that day,
but mainly & what
stood out for us all
to see,

was the fact that
this singular mighty
specimen of Aryan
manhood can’t spell

A grown-ass man
can’t spell Bible …
Jesus Lord that just
about sums it up 
right there
doesn’t it.

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