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Are you facing major problems with your vehicles or other machineries due to lubricant wear and tear? Have you been looking for a good company to solve your problem? Are you caught between two stools while looking for a solution? Well then look no more! Tribologix is here to help you with these issues and solve your problems. We offer wonderful friction-free lubricants such as molybdenum disulphide and a wide range of services in the coating research & development, commercial i-kote® services and tribological testing & consultation. Our highly informative website Tribologix Inc provides you all the necessary details related to our products and services.

We primarily focus on the development as well as integration of lubricants and low friction coatings that help enhance the systems that involve continuously moving mechanical parts. We understand that during extreme weather conditions, conventional lubricants fail to work properly, resulting in their wear and tear, resulting in heavy losses or accidents. That is why we came up with surface engineering solutions to reduce friction between the parts in such environments. We possess very well trained professionals who handle such issues carefully and provide quality services. You can rely on us completely for all kinds of wear and tear solutions as we believe in providing only premium quality components and services.

Our company is a unique blend of proven business leadership from various backgrounds and technical excellence, which represents our strength and ensures continued growth and success. We are known for highly accurate, quality and economical testing because of a vast number of reasons such as these: we test wear and friction by sliding a ball or pin on the disk tribometer, we perform micro abrasion testing, He leak detection, diamond indentation test, Gas Jet Solid Particle Erosion Testing TE68, optical microscopy using digital cameras, High Frequency Reciprocating friction and wear TE77 and much more.

We possess the latest technologies and equipments that are perfect to be used in different industries and applications. Our professionals specialize in various technologies and services to meet the requirements of any kind of application. The major industries that we serve include motorsport industry, automobile industry, Jet engine manufacturers, satellite and space system manufacturers, rocket engine manufacturers, energy sector, PVD system manufacturers and cutting and Forming Tools Manufacturers. We also serve government OEM and commercial markets such as NASA, DOD and DOE. We have been serving the aerospace industry, medical devices and cutting and forming tools industry for many years with our nano composite hardware resistant coatings and low friction molybdenum disulphide lubricants.

We promise you only high quality products and services and that you will never go home disappointed. Our services are all offered at affordable prices so you can come to us every time. We also provide excellent customer care services for you to contact us at any time of the day on all days of the week.

Choose from our wide range of high quality services by visiting Tribologix Inc. We guarantee you complete satisfaction and reliable services lifelong. Call us right away!

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The author of this article has an extensive knowledge in the field of Physical Vapor Deposition and Non Stick Coating.

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