Nature Photographs from the edge

Foto Factory expands Denmark Series with nature photographs from Fanø, Hirtshals, Tornby, Rubjerg Knot, Stevns Klint and the small island Glænø.

Five of eight photographs

The Denmark Series is now becoming mature with recent photographs from the the danish outskirts and landscapes. Foto Factory’s project aim to get the Danish countryside and the outskirts in the focus. People like the authentic reproductions of the Danish landscapes and the poster series has been well received.

Fanø in the fall. There were many motives and we have chosen two of which we believe shows the true nature and landscape of Fanø. The island is located in The Wadden Sea National Park.

Besides Fanø Foto Factory photographed from the small cozy island on West Zealand called Glænø. The tiny island has few residents and offers something well hidden nature along the coasts of the island.

The small island Glænø

Finally, there came a design from Stevns Klint. The photograph shows the many geological layers in the cliff. It is wildly fascinating by the millions of years, hidden in the layers of stevns. Stevns Klint is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage precisely because of the exciting geology.

Also included the are three motifs from the Danish West Coast! Hirtshals, Tornby and Rubjerg Knude. That’s some amazing places in their own way show different sides of the rugged west coast.

Photographs from the Danish West Coast

The posters are available as in size A3, 50 x 70cm and 70 x 100cm.