Not everyone reacted with laughter at the Tronc ad. Some people rightly read it as a sign of the future, a future you should probably prepare for, or find something new to do.
If You Laughed At The Tronc Job Ad, Read This
Markham Nolan

Personally, my laughter was laced with gallows humor. That and years of experience listening to Tribune managers spouting buzzwords they don’t really understand. I want to give the Tronc people the benefit of doubt that they will be different but so far they haven’t provided evidence of such. Instead they talk of funnels, content optimization, 2,000 videos a day…. “This is the future of journalism. This is the future of content! It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Yes, the media companies that figure out the best ways to use machine learning, algorithms and data manipulation to aid journalism and find audiences will do better than those that remain stuck in the past.

The effort is necessary and no laughing matter. Tronc’s explanation and execution so far is another thing. For the sake of the valuable institutions that Tronc owns, and the regions they have served for decades, I hope the company proves me wrong.

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