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The Real World examples

So as everyone started adopting React Hooks, when refactoring, there are some things that will seem more difficult than the usual examples lay out for you. For example, how do we use ComponentDidUpdate now and what has changed when I need a callback of the setState method, to make sure my state was updated before I try to use it later down the line. Those and more examples, I will cover below with some code samples.

Need To Know About Hooks

1. Define Suggestions

Tackling external & internal problems. (process/ architecture/documentation)

Before we get the team together, we have to know what the team wants and where we can improve. This can go from an anonymous idea box to a Slack channel. The main targets here are:

This is usually the biggest trade-off when having a meeting. People need to find problems and need to discuss this. All of the suggestion can then be organised by category and put on a channel to vote for. Not everyone…

The problem in comparing lib/framework only by its size.

They are everywhere, when choosing the right lib/framework. What is the biggest in size, what is loading fastest and let’s use that. But we are forgetting the most fundamental question when looking for a lib/framework. Why do we want to use this lib/framework? Is Vue.js / Angular / React the fastest? When do we use what or will we use everywhere the same?

We want to make our code cleaner and reuse whatever is already in the lib/framework. Or we want to get some structure and ease of mind on the creation of this. So why are we comparing the…

This is the first of my 5 steps to designing an app. Although the design process might vary from budget and used case, throughout my experiences I have noticed this pattern works for 80% of the cases. If you don’t get enough budget, then you shouldn’t do it.

You don’t want to do half work and if you’re good at something, you should get paid! The other 20% I am not going to talk about are cases where I needed to adapt the existing design. Feel free to contact me about more info or any questions.

In my example I…

My Private copy of the book by David McRaney

The book by David McRaney called ‘You Are Not So Smart’ is a wonderful gimmick with 48 psychology concepts. I liked the fact that the author split up every concept in the misconception and the truth. Below I made a list of all of them. But of course the books goes a lot deeper than this surface. There are a plethora of examples to understand better what these concepts entail.

If you are interested in neurology and psychology, then I would recommend this book. It will help you understand the world around you and act more appropriate to certain situations…

An example case of proper em & rem usage.

People often ask me how to properly use em or rem when implementing a badge. This is a short story with examples that aims to explain a bit more. If you want to know more about how to use all the CSS Units, then check out this article: Cold Feet with CSS Units

The Goal

Find a CSS Unit so when you modify the font-size of a single number it will adjust the badge accordingly and keep the circle shape.

Example of our goal

Code Examples

As you will notice, all the examples use the same boilerplate with only…

The love/hate relation with sizing in CSS (em | rem | px | % ..)

(Units aka size measurements like px, em, rem and many more.)

This article is a first step to me publishing more of the drafts I have piled up over the past few years. Procrastination and perfectionism are keeping me from publishing and since I would like to share more of my thoughts with the world. Here you go and I hope you like this, feel free to comment and ask questions, here or on Twitter. Enjoy!

Many articles online talk about CSS units and explain them in some predefined ‘loved’ use case rather than most real life ‘hated’ cases we…

Already Familiar To Bitcoin?

This article assumes you know a little about Bitcoin. You may have had some experience with the virtual currency or someone else you know. I will show you how get some free bitcoins in a reasonable amount of time.

Check this link if your case on Bitcoin is blank.
Can you even Bitcoin in your country? Check it here!

Still dancing in the dark here or you just need more, go to ‘Extra Resources’ and watch the documentaries. Then come back to read the best approach on getting bitcoins for free!

Research Goal

The virtual currency Bitcoin has been growing up strong…

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