Application For Emanate pilot rep

martin agubata

My name is Martin Agubata a.k.a meteorite and I’m a music producer/artist/graphic artist and most especially a cryptocurrency/blockchain enthusiast from Lagos, Nigeria. I am currently the owner/creative director for Shreds2trends branding and design agency, the in-house graphic designer for dropoff Nigeria, Pac and Dash cryptocurrencies (Africa).

My design agency is the first branding agency in Nigeria to receive cryptocurrency as a means of payment. We give discounts of 50% to those paying with BITCOIN, Pac, Dash and we are currently looking for a way to add EMT to our payment system.

Music for me started during my early years at the Federal University of Technology, Minna; When I joined a Christian group called YWAP (Youth With A Purpose) and of which I am still a member till date with the likes of Praiz, Ckay, and Skales. Some of my songs are following are my achievements thus far:

1. The first single I released 6 years ago as an artist was produced by myself and M&M (Mixed and Mastered) by Ckay.

2. 2016 I released a beat tape (cellotape instrumentals vol 1) showcasing my music producer side.

3. 2017 I released a mixtape (Love, hate & pain) produced by myself with additional help from eeltouch and barneyjr.

4. 2018 I co-produced a 10-track album with eel touch for Gospel General (Yusuf).

5. Uploaded a couple of my songs on musicoin.

5. Presently, I am working on another mixtape to be released November this year.

In the Studio Working on My upcoming Mixtape

Now you might be wondering why am I a graphic artist and a musician. The answer to that question is funding. And yes, I have a passion for both crafts; I always wanted to own an Apparel company which was why I started a branding agency.

Most artists like myself in Africa barely make money from their music most especially upcoming acts. The ones at the top find it difficult to make a 100% profit due to piracy (which is the reason why I want to be the EMT rep for Africa, so we can be able to mitigate piracy and fraud to the barest minimum level). The money they make is mostly from shows and endorsements and all that is about to change with me being the EMT representative for Africa due to my outstanding achievements with other cryptocurrency firms in the blockchain ecosystem.

After going through the emanate white paper, the team involved and the technical strategy been that is built on the EOS blockchain; I knew is about time for those into the music business to be seen as folks who have value and not just people wasting their time.

I and my team started the Dash Nigeria Cryptocurrency education firm and after our numerous achievements; we were contacted by Drew Sanders (CEO of Pac) to set up Pac Africa. Our Achievements thus far:

1. Dash music and cultural festival with over 200 attendees and 700 new wallets downloads (gate fee was paid in cryptocurrency)

2. 10 online training for music coin (we helped to educate all YWAP music artists about the benefit of music via the blockchain)

3. Having introduced top music producers like Monlee to host all of his music on the music coin blockchain.

4. Two Fin-tech seminars in Northern Nigeria (Kaduna)

5. 50 merchants accepting Pac in Lagos

6. 4 charity work done in IDP (internally Displaced people) Abuja, Kajuru gunmen attack

7. Over 30 meetups in Africa

8. Three conferences in Lagos Nigeria

9. We helped to list PAC coin on the biggest African exchange

10. We trained over 200 Nigerian Military Men on the Dash Blockchain to enable easy transfer of funds to family and friends during peacekeeping in Afghanistan.

11. Getting over 800 new Dash wallets to be created in Nigeria, a feat which was acknowledged by COINTELEGRAPH and CRYPTONA.CO with over 68,000 views and 400 shares on all social media.

12. Hiring professional translators to help our educational blog reach the unbanked and local indigene. Examples can be viewed here, here and here.

13. Being the first group to speak about Dash at a Nigeria blockchain conference which was organized by Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN), Blockchain Nigeria User Group, founded by Chimezie Chuta.


I am the man for the job because I have experience working in the blockchain space as a cryptocurrency musician, designer, advocate and I know how it feels to get drained by piracy and the long process it takes to work with other artists around the world. Sometime in the past, I had issues trying to future an artist from the US but due to long processes to sign agreements, I just had to call it a quit.

A detailed roadmap for Emanate Africa 2020

Secondly When it comes to music in Africa: Nigeria is considered to be the giant and of which I have a key relationship with one of the best Rnb/afro top artists like Praiz and Warner music signed artist Ckay.

A sample of the emanate music festival flyer

Lastly, I am currently designing a book for Fela Durotoye( Still in Review). Fela Durotoye is one of the presidential candidates for the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2017. So, Joining the emanate team will help drive a global revolution in music creation, monetization and connection easier.

Emanate Pilot Rep for Africa

Application for 100,000EMT Loan

I would love to apply for the 100,000EMT loan. I currently hold a little of EMT tokens and it wouldn’t be enough to do my job efficiently seeing as I need to have and hold at least 100,000EMT to be able to be considered for the position.

martin agubata

Written by

Martin is a Nigerian Born, Lagos-bred producer/artist with 9+ in music production and songwriting

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