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A couple of weeks ago, we launched our new brand image along with our fresh new site which shows the work we have done with some of our clients. It was also an opportunity to update the tech stack that we were using for our landing pages.

There are three essential parts of our new site:

  • VueJS is our main tech to create components. It ensures scalability, maintainability, and great performance.
  • ThreeJS powers the graphics of our Home view.
  • With Lottie, we created both beautiful and meaningful animations throughout our site.

Let me go over our reasons behind this powerful…

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Get a performance boost with just Webpack

“How in the world is this so slow? I’m just using 100 components. Come on the browser, do your thing!” Sounds familiar? Well, it’s time to try a performance boost.

If you are a web developer, chances are you are using Webpack as your module bundler, and probably you don’t know what lazy loading is.

What is lazy loading?

I know what you are thinking: “Lazy is not fast, those are quite opposite”. You are not wrong on semantics but there’s another way to see it. Let’s see what the definition for lazy loading is, according to Webpack:

Lazy, or “on demand”, loading is…

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Chat-bots are an increasing market nowadays, with giants like IBM and Google implementing and upgrading their own platforms, you can use these services and build the UI in the simplest way possible.

Weeks ago, our CTO, reached out to me and other co-workers to start researching bots, more specifically, chat-bots.

How can we implement this on an actual project?

The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? A chat widget! Find the right package on NPM or Github, whether it’s for React, Angular, or Vue, and use it. But it’s not that easy. There was no package for the widget we needed. All I found was a lot of chat services…

Martin Callegari

I'm a Software Engineering Student and Front-End Engineering Manager at @Wolox. Love dogs, gaming, and programming.

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