2017 Australian Open Champion

2017’s first major sporting event was one for the books. The anticipation was high for Andy Murray to defend his world number one ranking, as well as for Novak Djokovic to silence his critics after somewhat disappointing ending of the 2016 season. The Australian Open is a fresh start for everyone within the ATP World Tour which means that there’s always room for surprises and upsets.

But probably no one really believed that the year’s first Grand Slam final would feature number 17 seed against the world number 9. And that these two would be Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Perhaps two of the greatest players in the history. And certainly the most amazing sporting rivalry of our time. Not only did the tennis world get to witness a fairytale final, the fans got a fairytale ending too. Roger Federer, quite likely nearing the end of his professional career, won a Grand Slam after 4 and a half years, at the age of 35. A truly incredible feat from the Swiss player, who some call GOAT — Greatest of All Time.

This picture set depicts his journey to the Australian Open pedestal.

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