3 Ways Gyms Can Profit from Using FitnessGenes

Personalization is the key to everything today, from your news feed and network building tools here on LinkedIn, to the way you consume media, and of course in the world of nutrition and fitness.

Here at FitnessGenes our business is about as personalized as it gets: interpreting DNA to help people build muscle, lose fat, and lead a healthier and longer life. Most gyms would say something similar about their business too (minus the DNA component).

So if our interests are aligned, how can we work together?

Direct Sales

Your gym can sell the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Kit directly to your membership at a discounted rate (or at our existing retail rate), earning a substantial profit and providing your members with incredibly useful and actionable information that they can share with your gym’s Personal Trainers. Gym members that see results have higher retention and renewal rates!

New Member Sign Up

Looking for a way to differentiate yourself from every other gym in town? How about Including a FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Kit and Genetic Blueprint as part of a joining package?

Body Transformation Challenge

There is no better way to keep your members motivated and attendance high than setting a challenge. Launch a body transformation campaign, and categorise your clients by their genotype. With enough members taking the challenge, you could also run genetically tailored classes, varying in exercise type, intensity, duration, rest periods and overall volume to suit each group.

Sound good?

In order to officially register your interest in the FitnessGenes Affiliate program, please sign up here, and a member of our team will be in touch.

For all questions and queries, please reach me at:

Email: alex.auld@fitnessgenes.com / Phone: +44 1869 255770