It’s good to talk

Deserved recognition last night for THFC Head of Supporter Services Jonathan Waite, who won the Supporter Liaison Officer of the Year Award at the Football Supporters’ Federation (@The_FSF) annual awards.

Coming from a fan organisation, this award really means something. Jonathan is one of the main points of contact for the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, and is usually the first person we call on the many day-to-day matters that come up. Jonathan really gets fan organisations, and often has a challenging task dealing with us at the same time as doing his job as a club employee. We don’t always agree, but Jonathan brings an honesty and humour to the relationship that keeps us all going when the going gets tough, and is a major reason why the relationship between fans and club has improved in the last few years.

It’s always good when the nice guys come first, and hopefully Jonathan’s successful approach won’t be lost on those parts of football still reticent about talking properly to their fans.

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