A Lesson in California Politics:
Leigha Beckman

A famous religious philosopher once remarked, “The trouble with man is that he is pathetically human.”

There will always be a struggle between the good guys (those that agree with our point of view) and the bad guys (those who do not agree with our point of view.)

And do not be so naive as to think it will ever be any different. If you think winning a struggle will bring about permanent change (whether it be something simple, like getting the city to put up or take down a street light, or something profound, like civil rights or the death penalty) you will forever feel disillusioned, angry, and cynical.

Instead, be grateful that you live in a county that for the most part permits such struggles, such openly public debates. Be grateful for authors like Leigha that speak out for your point of view. There are not many other places in the world, currently, where open public debate is even permitted — think China, Russia, North Korea, for example.

Right now the Kotch brothers and other deep pocket donors are very very pleased that they won a “struggle,” and believe that that will forever give them an advantage in influencing bills that will give them an even greater advantage in their business interests, etc.

Not win is ever permanent; not the President, not both houses of congress, not the Supreme Court, and not even explicit amendments to the Constitution are permanent. They will come up again and be reinterpreted.