AI’s Match Stick Moment
Sean M Everett

Sean, great article and well on its way to leaping the gap.

Asking a dumb question — does ‘biologic intelligence’ imply a

living organism that can be programmed??? Don’t call me a smart

ass but I thought we already had many of those — namely . .US!!!???

If it means that a . . .Borgian type of organism is what it will take to 
‘strike the match’ then how does this square with its use in industry -
cars, planes, space vehicles. . . .do we propagate farms of living 
‘biologics’. . .and how do we reach irreducible complexity. . .the exact

moniker we have ascribed to our very own minds, and the very seat

of our awesome capacities to think and solve problems????

This might be what the Borg concept implies for human existence,

but who in their right mind would want to live that way? Of course, 
once this ‘biologic’ exists, it does not know the difference from being 
a real human. . . . . . .or does it???