Senators agree: Dump DeVos

Betsy De Vos and not one Republican is on the list. Why have the other members of the Senate, Congress, or anyone else convinced a Republican not to vote for De Vos? I have written about charter schools and the success that they claim is greatly overrated when you realize that they take credit for students who could have succeeded in their neighborhood schools. And when they siphon off good students that quickly makes the neighborhood schools more dangerous. NYC schools last year got a lucky break, because three loaded guns were taken away from students and nobody got hurt, but could you imagine the rush to charter schools if those youth had killed dozens of students. Or just imagine if that happened in the charter schools. Helping our nation means appointing someone better who really understands and can get the job done of helping EVERYONE. Adults and children have to be better educated and if Betsy De Vos has that plan, she could show it to all of us right now. Drain the Trump Swamp and ask me about the discrimination against Spanish dominant learners in South Carolina who take the TASC test (and probably other tests) in that state. So Donald Trump has appointed a person to the UN that should be fired for allowing discrimination to take place in that state. Here is the evidence and this is not an “alternate fact” about paying, taking the test in Spanish, and not receiving a diploma the way others do who take the test in English.

exams. Click here to access any necessary forms and information.

If you would like to take the TASC test in Spanish, you may select the Spanish language option. However, South Carolina regulations prohibit a test-taker from receiving a South Carolina High School Equivalency Diploma based on any language other than English. If the tester earns a score equal to or higher than the minimum to pass, he or she will receive a transcript showing that the test was passed, but a diploma will not be issued.