Thanks for commenting, Phillip.
Mark Greene

well Mark, i agree in this point with you; homophobia plays a huge role to correct masculinity. and it is use not only by man to correct others men masculinity… only if what you describe would be experience by heterosexual men in any case… what Phillip point is quite true. society is nor design or rule by man exclusively, masculinity is constructed from the same soil than femininity, the recognition of both and the recognition of the difference, women have lot of power in the construction of masculinity basically they recognise the masculinity and identity of the man she choose as a sexual partner, do woman are an avatar from out of space? no! , we have been here together seen the beginning of time. as gay man i have lived exactly the same situation, but with a twist, my best friend in life is straight and our friendship become distant because his girlfriend at a time she start to complain about or friendship, even questioning his sexuality, the result, no contact at all, most of my gay friends have experience the same situation with their old boyhood friendships and homophobia play a huge step on it, society as a hole and girls in particular have a huge responsibility of men transition of adolescence to adulthood. denying that responsibility is denying the expression of a person how has experience the pressure from women to abandon their immature, “gayish” friendships, and the importance of them in the construction of the society as well, i read your last words as if they were just victims and not active subjects with the same amount of humanity than man!


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