How Much Notice to Give a Florist

There are some occasions that make it impossible to give advanced notice to a Tampa florist. A death in the family is the most common example. Experienced florists are prepared for that contingency, although notifying them as soon as possible is appreciated. Forgotten birthdays or anniversaries are also times when advanced notice cannot be given.

If people just want to stop by the shop and pick out some flowers or browse through specialty gifts, no notice is needed. Plants, gifts, and everyday arrangements are usually available any time the shop is open for business. If something specific is desired, it is wise to call ahead to verify if those flowers in Tampa are in stock.

Valentine’s Day

There will be a huge run on red roses this day because they are the quintessential Valentine’s Day Flowers. Waiting until that day to order roses may leave people empty-handed. Experienced florists will be accepting Valentine’s Day orders two to three weeks in advance. That ensures the florist will be able to meet the demands and preferences of loyal customers.

There will be flowers on every street corner and in all department and convenience stores. Home improvement stores are likely to have cut flowers, rose bushes, and several other live plants available. It will not be impossible to find something for that day, but if there is something special preferred, order ahead of time.


The amount of notice required for weddings depends on the size of the wedding party, the venue, and the extent to which the couple want flowers as a component of the celebration. A small wedding with a small flower budget will not be too demanding. Plan on arranging for a consultation at least six months in advance. That gives enough time to discuss colors, table arrangements, and bouquets/boutonnieres for the whole wedding party.

Couples planning a lavish wedding with massive amounts of flowers will want to begin seeking out a florist one full year in advance. This may seem like a ridiculous amount of time but, if many weddings are happening in the same area, it is critical to have the florist selected and the date reserved. Research florists before setting up a consultation. Seek experience and personal service to get exactly what is desired.

Some florists have a wedding department that handles just that one occasion. There is likely to be a dedicated designer, trained professionals to set up flowers at the ceremony and reception sites, and package deals for convenience. One florist in Tampa, Carrollwood Florist, has a separate wedding flower company at their location.