Maybe going green requires us to do less…

Image from link: Check out Adam ruins going green

Everyone wants to jump on the green wagon, including me, however doing more and more research it is starting to become apparent that there is another trend going along side the “Green movement”.

Lets call this trend the Minimalist Green Approach, where doing more can actually cause more damage. The argument major companies are making are that all the new green products are better for the environment and they are so “Green” and “Efficient” how could they be bad. They are not wrong some of these products are greener and more efficient however and here comes the kicker … That is after you bought them and replaced all your existing appliances and products with the green stuff.

The whole going green trend we have is great don’t get me wrong I am all for it, I am merely saying we should not just jump in and do what all the large organizations say we should because that will just make them loads of money and leave us with a larger carbon footprint.

So far this has all been opinions where is the hard facts, well I am not alone in this here is a article that asks the question “How green is a Tesla really”

Please read that article for the full view but this is my summary. Electric vehicles themselves are great and if current green trends are still going strong electric cars could be great in the long run, however for now a lot of power grids especially still in South Africa still runs on fossil fuels, and depending on that amount determines how “green” your electric cars are really. Think of it this way if your country’s power grid has 60% or more renewable power sources a electric car would be great almost perfect and then compared to a someone that has a Tesla in a fossil fuel country their Tesla is running on more fossil fuels that a small hybrid or petrol car could.

Even in a perfect world where the energy grid is mostly from renewable energy you also have to consider where the raw materials comes from where your electric car is build, the lithium ion batteries for electric cars have to come from some ware and mining for those materials could also differ depending on your country. All these thing add to a carbon footprint and have to be considered when jumping on the green wagon.

Enough with the negative going green is great, we just have to remember going green can mean more than one thing.It could mean… being less wasteful, using your “current” appliances more efficiently and as mentioned earlier minimizing your usage on everything, as it were becoming a minimalist hippy. By merely scaling down on your diet can help a lot more than going out and buying a whole lot more green environmental products. I love my steak as much as the next guy however it could do more damage that you’d think, maybe vegans have a point you know. Research is showing that cows in some cases could do more damage to the green house gases that cars could as this article states “Eating a Burger or Driving a Car: Which Harms Planet More?”

The bases of this article I am trying to get at is that we have to stop an think of our next moves first, and take small steps because small steps in everyone’s hands could make a world of difference. I am going to publish another article on how to take these small steps first with suggestions such as taking meat free Mondays or finish what you started, meaning you should use up your current appliances or products before you chuck them away for the new green stuff.

Check out these references for more interesting articles and come up with your own opinion on this matter.