Pay no heed…

Just me going on about the optimization of a work space again.

So that office storage tho, could this be the reason your space is cluttered. We need to realize that storage solutions could look amazing and make a great difference in your work space. I know pure text is boring so of course we are going to look at some pretty picture…

OK great we have got some extra storage in the office, a nice furniture peace. How do you clean up our desks? Easy with THEM DIY skills of course.

We are not trying to jump straight into the Head offices of google we are simply trying to improve our current work spaces. Here is another small way to manage all of those DAM deadline and big launches.

Each person has his and hers own preferences when it comes to personal space. Do you prefer a closed space that seals you off from the rest of the office.

How about best of both worlds, with a small bit of separation yet still open… AAAANNDD how about some extra storage that I talked about HEY HEY… Now that is what I call a perfect solution.

What ever your preferences are leave a comment on this article and also if you have any suggestions also throw them in there to.

Soooo you kind person reading this article what is it you ask “How does one of my prefect office setups look like ?” Glad you asked Pinterest provides many pretty pictures.

Lets analyse this pretty picture. So here is a list of the things we need in a good work space and this example provides them.

  1. Clean work space and work surface.
  2. Storage options (See more storage = clean space) Told you.
  3. DEM pretty plants HEY. Now doesn’t that look cool ?
  4. Smart separation (Creating better feel of personal space)
  5. Good Lighting + Nice natural lite.

See I told you we are keeping things simple no over the top Google office styles. Just simple, smart, clean and well organized office space.

One really does not need a lot to make a office look and feel great.

In the wise words of Mister Element Bender (That’s Me)

Keep it simple, Keep it unique if inner peace is what you seek”.

Not what we are aiming for but of of those DAM SON offices. Check this website out for of the best offices around the world.

If you agree with this article please leave a comment. If you disagree also please leave a comment as to why. Thank you for reading.