Your festive GEEK MAN gift SA guide

So… with the festive season approaching it is time to remind your geek man that normal people are celebrating stuff and having family time and this time of the year is not just some pretty updates to all his MMO games, where they put Christmas hats on all the chickens in the game.

This article is not just for the ladies looking for the geek gifts this Christmas but also for the guys looking for awesome tech and geek gifts. Sooo let us begin…

Firstly we head of to the magical place of Mantality where all geek and man gifts are there for all to see.

The first item will surely get him or her away from the computer and into a cinematic mood. It is a smartphone movie projector, so you can set up a great movie cinema any ware and enjoy the latest amazing movies… how about some DR.Strange in a mirror world you created in your back yard hey??. And for only R295 at the time of this article it is a great deal.

Now here is something I would gladly get caught with my hand in…

A bit more expensive at R 695.00 but will surely light up your geeks environment and natural habitat.

AND HERE we have something that the whole family can enjoy. Nothing like teaching your children to take over the north. Turn your little white walkers zombie heads into social and strategic masterminds. And for only R 699.00 it wont completely break the bank.

Brighten up their setup with this awesome LED lamp. That will surely be making them wish they were Santa and wishing they had some milk and cookies. At only R 146.00 this is a great gift for all.

And see how it all fits in milk LED and star wars cookie jar this will definitely set him into the Christmas mood.

Give him some great balloons to show how he really feels at these festive parties…

Here is something that I myself have been eyeing for quite a while these little lamps may look small but are actually quite big. check the page out and on the page is also a video showing the unboxing of some of these LED lights. And at only R 495 these are a great addition to any setup.

Now we have the manly part this is where we get out and dirty…

If you are going camping and your man needs some tools this is a great gift to get them started. And at only R 375.00 this a great gift for all men.

This will definitely get them in front of the BRAAI again. A great ice breaker at family gatherings this will surely get everyone talking.

So yeh these are just some suggestions for awesome gifts this Christmas. Check out Mantality they really have some awesome and unique gifts for all men. Keep in mind the prices may change because of the festive season and also keep shipping fees in mind.

And please keep your credit cards and online shopping details save this festive season, due to online shopping becoming more and more popular so does online scams, always check out some reviews of online shopping sites before buying there.

If you have some more suggestions for great geek man gifts, drop the links in the comments and I will put them in the article. Thank you for reading.