How and why does the famous coffee brand engage influencers?

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Photo by Makhmutova Dina on Unsplash

Frappuccino dominating selfies on Instagram, vlogs about pumpkin spiced lattes, and weblog posts as “Review of Starbucks’ Orange/Mango Blend” — Starbucks fills social media like its paper cups.

When interviewing so-called “influencers” about why they post the maritime logo of the mermaid so often, it appears that the logo is an identity marker of coolness for teenage and twenty-something girls. According to the people behind the Dutch Starbucks Facebook account, lifestyle journalists as young as twelve contribute to Starbucks’s brand publishing (also known as content marketing).

This article will explore how and why Starbucks engages these influencers to popularize their…

Martine Mussies

PhD: The Cyborg Mermaid. Autism, cyborgs, languages, mermaids, music(ology), martial arts, games, psychology, King Alfred, &random nerdiness @

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