How To Throw Darts: A Pep Talk

Photo credit: Vicky H

You must throw a thousand darts to nail a bullseye. Learning to take aim is part of the process.

You’re going to make mistakes and drop some. You might sob for days over those that get close, then fall into oblivion. You might even sob for weeks, asking yourself questions that cannot be answered.

That can be very hard.

Keep trying. Seek mentors. Stay focused on your goal. Know that it’s worth it and this is how you gain mastery.

One day, when you’re not looking, you’ll just hit that bullseye, and then you’ll hit it again and again and again.

When that happens, savor those moments, and smile. You won’t remember this struggle.

Now take a deep breath, see yourself in that moment, and get ready to take your next shot.