Entrepreneurship Lesson From After Tibet

Onion Man With The Onion Hand

Not a lot of you know this about me, but I moved to Tibet for 40 years to study Buddhism before finally moving to LinekdIn at age 32. In my 40 years of study I didn’t learn a damn thing. However, one day at a beach in Fort Pierce a couple years after having returned I began one of the most important lessons I will ever learn in my entire life.

It was one of those days you’re too hungover to sleep so you roll over and head to the beach like you actually planned the night before to sweat it out of you. You’re with one of those closest friends that will later die in a car crash that you were supposed to be riding shotgun with. You’re actually feeling good when you strike up a conversation with two of the only dozen or so people on the beach on a late Monday morning. They invite you to a small party, and since they’re from out of the country and feeling a fleeting energy from the beaming Florida sun you agree.

They invite you to their hotel room which seems normal because they are visiting from a country you’ve never heard of. Later you’ll google this country and find it doesn’t exist. Things are weird. There’s about 6 other people there, the loud things seem too quiet, and the quiet people are too loud when they talk. Turns out, they were supposed to be out at 11am that day.

For some reason you’re the only person that knows how to open a cheap motel lock with zero balance gift card. You just slide it in and keep scraping over the thing sticking into the wall back over into the door handle. And now the seemingly heroine-free heroine party is back on.

You don’t really do drugs, but you are interested in people more than anything in the world that you’re actually good at so the scene is actually comfortable for you. And your crazy ass best friend. Even with your alcohol in hand this scene is getting boring so you tell every your leaving, which really only logically serves to give them one last chance to try to rob you. They don’t and sincerely express how nice it was to meet you. Everyone has your internet contact info and as you exit the door frame behind your buddy someone that wasn’t at the beach, in the first traphouse motel room, or the second one you were walking out of projected from the corner behind both twin beds: “GOOYOW.”



“Is that some Tibetan shit or something?” I turn and ask what turned out to be the ugliest dude I’ve ever seen.

“GOOYOW. Get out of your own way.”

I let the door close behind as I walk toward the car. I think about calling the cops on them because I’m pretty sure they’d think it’s hilarious. But I don’t just in case.

Martin Gawlak
Las palabras pueden change.