“Throwout,” by William Thorsell
Paul Wells

Someone on facebook challenged the authenticity of this post because, in his opinion, it conflicted with earlier statements that Thorsell had made about Harper. If that is so anyone can still be allowed to change his mind. This is an erudite piece about politicians knowing when to call it quits and that Harper does not know how, why or when to do so. In the process he has caused considerable damage to Canadian society, our reputation as a fair and compassionate nation let alone our political reputation internationally.

This is a prime example of a politician failing to ‘read the runes’ as others have done in the past. His arrogance and hubris know no bounds.

Thorsell’s analysis (and despair) should be required reading for anyone with political interests. Harper’s party is not ‘progressive’ it is ‘regressive’ and has no relationship now to the old Tory party or even its nemesis the Reform party.

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