Time to say goodbye.

Over a year ago, we set out with a big dream of kicking off a new era of social discovery. With all the breakthroughs in geolocation on mobile devices in the past few years, we figured that 2014 would be the perfect year to launch a location-based social app.

Droppie was conceived for a number of reasons. We were getting tired of the “timelines”, “followers” and “hashtags”. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds were turning into newsreaders and with all the Pages we have liked, we were seeing less and less of what we were really interested in — great content by real people. It was our vision to create a platform where people could interact with anyone, not just the same people again and again. At the same time, we were not trying to build a dating app.

In our eyes, great content was relevant content. Being curious about our surroundings is human nature. We built on this concept and within a few months, we managed to create an open beta for both iOS and Android devices, launching in our hometown of Bratislava in December 2014. Soon we where so overwhelmed by feedback, that we decided to redesign a huge part of Droppie, re-launching two months later.

As our user base started to grow, we analysed the content that was created. We looked at how users interacted with one an other and discovered that it was far from what we have expected. We added features, optimised existing ones and worked with the data, trying to figure out how to make users use Droppie like we envisioned it.

Slowly it started to dawn on us; the content that was being created was not relevant enough to keep users returning. It is also the reason, why we didn’t manage to sustain our growth without fuelling it with expensive advertisement.

We realised, that location proximity is not enough to guarantee the quality of the content our users get to see. Much more technology is needed for that — image recognition for instance. Sadly, most of it is not available yet and developing it is a huge undertaking on it’s own.

Droppie did not live up to our dreams and although it is difficult to admit failure, we believe its time to move on. After a lot of thought and discussion within the team, our investors and advisors, we have decided to shut down Droppie on December 1st, 2015.

It was an incredible journey. We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the past year.

Your Droppie Team