I am in a Funk
Stella J. McKenna

Love the Funk, Stella! We live in a culture that prioritizes Happiness, Contentment, Having it all! That is not real life! We need our down’s, to savor our up’s. We need to Funk, in order to appreciate stepping out of one, back into the light and friendship around us. Also, we need to see the people around us Funk once in a while as well, we need to know we are not alone in our funkiness and that offering a hug and/or chill is why we are all in this together. Facebook Happiness has become the expected norm and Funkiness frowned upon like a wart to hide under a long sleeve shirt. Embrace your funk, feel the funk, Be The Funk… I love that you admit to loving the funk! Feeling intense emtion is awesome, the good, the bad and the funky! Enjoy your wallow. And, from my experience, the small space under a desk is a nice second option to bed, you know, when you want to feel like you’ve accomplished something during the day!

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