Kel Campbell

We recently had a meeting with our contractor, for which I had spent countless hours pouring over siding options, temperture ranges and maintenance evaluations. My husband had just gotten home from work, and hadn’t done any research into the subject. The contractor and I sat and talked about building code and specificis and had a very productive meeting. Afterward my husband was a little pouty and said he felt so marginalized because Mike had hardly looked him in the eye during the meeting, just directed all the questions and conversation to me.

I thought it was funny, because it was so “tables turned, honey.” I wish I had been able to articulate the essence of why I found it so absurd, but like the original article said, it’s all so small and subtle, you can hardly put a finger on so many of the slights. Take Home Point: I’m glad Mike had the sense to speak to the person at the meeting who had done the homework. I’m glad he didn’t make the assumption my husband had all the answers, because he was a man.

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