Work hard, play hard.

Day 3 in Cannes.

Today´s recap will be quite short, because we didn´t do much — other than work. After the briefing yesterday, our working area opened today in the morning and we had until 8 p.m. to hand in our submission. So we spent most of our day like that:

If I had to summarize today in one word, I would choose: rollercoaster.
A rollercoaster of emotions. From inspiration and feeling creative to complete desparation and void — back to totally hyped again. And on top of it the stress of time running through your fingers.

We had a really hard time as we just couldn´t connect to the goal of the campaign we were supposed to create. And the more we were brainstorming and considering different angles, the more insecure we got. But as time went by, we eventually reached the point where we didn´t have any other choice but to just take the approach that we both considered most promising and make the best out of it. And in the end, I think we did :-)

After a stressful finish and an exhausting day of working our brains, I was only longing for one thing when we left the Palais: Get drunk. Unfortunately, work is not over for us yet — we still have our presentation tomorrow. So we had to choose a sweeter way of rewarding ourselves: ice cream. Our receptionist marked three shops in our map. So we decided to try one of them. The shop looked super cute and offered a variety of self-made ice cream. And, it was really delicious. Obviously, now we also need to try the other two shops he recommended — just to compare!

Back at the hotel, we spent the rest of the evening on our beds planning and rehearsing our presentation — with the music from the pub right next to us which we can still hear quite load in the background.

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