Motorcycle Carbon Parts — OEM Or Aftermarket?

Whether you should go with aftermarket carbon parts for your motorcycle or OEM parts? This is always a very tough decision to make. To begin with, we shouldn’t take any decision in a haste. Only after carefully evaluating all our requirements and pitting them against all the available possibilities should we move ahead. After all, the parts we will choose for our motorcycle will have a direct influence on its performance and appearance as well.

An important consideration to make when choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts is, what exactly are you looking to do with your bike? Are you going for improvement or replacement? The availability of a particular motorcycle part, your budget, and a few other things would play an important role in your decision. Whether you go left or right, you should consider all of the things that will have an impact on your motorcycle as well as your riding experience in an entirety.

You can choose either of the two depending on your current needs. If you ask experts, you will have a divided opinion with some tipping OEM while others inclining towards aftermarket. So, it is your personal opinion which really matters. Let’s make the job a little easy for you and discuss both these varieties in a little detail.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or OEM parts shouldn’t be taken as parts that are manufactured by the Original Manufacturer of the bike. Most of the times, motorcycle manufacturers delegate this task to another party, which produces these parts on behalf of them. They get these parts designed by independent companies and then install them in their vehicles. The performance of OEM parts will be at par with the parts that your bike originally came with. OEM parts are generally more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts.

On the other hand, aftermarket motorcycle parts, such as Ilmberger carbon parts aren’t manufactured by companies that Original Manufacturers hire. In most of the cases, Ilmberger motorcycle carbon parts and other aftermarket parts are significantly cheaper than OEM parts and perform better as well. So, whether you are looking for airbox cover, bellypan, chain guard, exhaust protection, or any other motorcycle part, you can trust both OEM and aftermarket parts to deliver you the quality and performance you are looking for. Having said that, if you want low-cost motorcycle carbon parts, you should turn your attention towards aftermarket parts and forget everything else.

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