That is not what he said, pressed many times the most he would say was that there was “contact”.
Louis Weeks

Brennan left his government post in January. Aside from that, he was the CIA chief. The investigation was turned over to the FBI and the CIA would not be monitoring an FBI investigation. They turned the investigation over to the FBI because what they had come across in the course of CIA activity was “hair on fire” concerning. The FBI said in March that they had “EVIDENCE of COLLUSION” between Trump’s people and Russia. A Grand Jury was convened and subpoenas have been issued. This investigation is less than a year old and they have “EVIDENCE of COLLUSION”. How many years and how many millions did Republicans waste investigating Benghazi? And every partisan investigation of Benghazi concluded with a report that said that nothing inappropriate or criminal was done by either Hillary or Obama. You have to be the dictionary definition of stupid to not see wrongdoing in the Trump/Russia connection. No previous administration (back to at least Reagan) had ANY contact with ANY Russian officials prior to election or during the transition. Trump has dozens of people with such contacts. OK, fine. But then every one of them just “forgot” to list those contacts on their security clearance forms? Every one of them? That’s a felony, you know. Every one of them just happened to LIE to Congress in their confirmation hearings? Really? And now we learn that Jared Kushner approached the Russians to set up a back channel for communications using the Russian facilities and equipment…for the express purpose of EVADING THE AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY? There are only 2 possible explanations for all of this. Either Trump and his cronies are as naive as little children (which doesn’t pass the laugh test) or the Russians have Trump by the short and curlies and he is a willing puppet doing their bidding. Either way, the man has to be removed from office immediately, before the damage he is doing to our national security becomes irreparable. It’s already 4 months too late.

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