Why you should do Exit-Interviews!

If you own a business chances are high you had employees leaving your company of their own volition. When that happens it is your chance to get information you would not get under normal circumstances and are most of the time an underrated value for you as a CEO and therefore your company.

I experienced a situation where the CEO wanted a leaving employee - let’s call the employee Oliver - to stay. So he had a talk with him in order to ask why he wants to leave and in order to convince him to stay. It’s nice if it works out - this time, it didn’t.

I noticed the talk happened 6–8 weeks before Oliver would actually have his last day at the company and the CEO didn’t plan to have him for another one. This is not how you should do it.

What you should do instead is, after whatever action you normally take on a leaving employee - your last action should be an one to one meeting with Oliver as late as possible. Maximum a week before his last day and at latest just the day before his left. And all you should do like really let me emphasize this: all you should do is listen.

Because you desperately want to know Olivers honest answers on everything that bothered him at your company. And it absolutely does not matter if these things actually are the reason why he is leaving. You may ask why would you want to know these things. Simple. Because you still have other employees. Because you want your business to be successful. Because your employees and their weillbeing are the pillars of your business. Since Oliver is leaving in seven days he won’t care much about his reputation or chances at your company anymore. Ask what bothered him and listen.

He will definitely mention pain points your other employees are having too but are too afraid to tell. And either these pain points make them unhappy, demotivates them and therefore slows them down thus hurting your business. Or they leave after a while because they just don’t want to work that way any longer thus hurting your business.

I love to be honest, open and kind. I love to have happy workers around me. I love how energizing positivity and happiness is. If you own a business and if you are the CEO of a company with multiple employees. I believe it is a hundred percent your job to work hard on getting all issues your employees have and just solve them. I believe it is your job to have them happy and motivated. Because you want your business to be successful and it is no surprise - your employees drive your business.

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