Martin LeFevre-Proponent of Accounting Coach

Martin LeFevre earned a degree in accounting and business administration from Southern Illinois University in 2005. LeFevre refers to the Accounting Coach, an online accounting education platform that offers free accounting resources for small businesses, aspiring Accountants, and bookkeepers. As LeFevre knows, it’s important to use such a resource to learn what he needs to learn to be qualified in the accounting field. He has since worked for accounting firms in both Illinois and Florida over his career.

Martin LeFevre has helped clients with their finances. He also helped small businesses balance their expenses and revenue, and file their taxes correctly. Accounting Coach covers all of these subjects and more so that Accountants can learn quickly and help their clients faster and more efficiently. The website draws over a million visitors per month, with dozens of common and complicated accounting subjects. Even accountants like Martin LeFevre often come back to the website to brush up on their knowledge of some of the more complicated accounting topics like financial accounting and business investments. Accounting Coach has comprehensive information on these subjects and more, written by accounting experts and teachers, all for free.

Martin LeFevre has helped many clients by constantly challenging himself to learn how to help them on Accounting Coach.