Martin LeFevre - Soccer For Beginners

Everybody has to start somewhere — as a former athlete, Martin LeFevre fully understands this. Soccer is a global sport, but it is not the most popular in America, where despite the success of national soccer teams, and especially the women’s team, who are world champions, many people still don’t understand the basic rules, or know much about the sport’s infrastructure.

Martin LeFevre

The Pitch

The pitch, or as they call it in the states, the soccer field, is the area where the game is played. Similarly to the game of baseball, the dimensions of the field are not set, but rather recommended. There is a minimum, and a maximum size: the length of the field has to fall between 100 and 130 yards, whereas the width has to be between 50 and 100 yards. These are the American rules. At the international level, the minimum and maximum dimensions are 110 and 120, and 70 and 80 yards, respectively.


The game is played over two halves, each lasting 45 minutes, adding up to 90 minutes overall. Between these there is a 15 minutes resting period or halftime. There is also stoppage time, which means that if the game stops for whatever reason (an injury, a substitute), the lost time is added at the end of the halves.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is literally that, the “goal”: scoring into the opponent’s net with the feet, head, or any other part of the body except for the arms or hands.

Martin LeFevre has played soccer for years while attending high school.