Martin LeFevre - Three Reasons to Study Business Administration

An education in business administration can be useful for many reasons. Martin LeFevre studied business administration and accounting while he was a student at Southern Illinois University. He worked hard to earn his degree and then went on to become a competent accountant. There are several reasons for you to earn a degree in business administration.

One reason to study business is to develop a useful knowledge. Business administration provides students with practical skills and knowledge. Students who study business administration are often able to find jobs in finance, business, marketing, and other fields related to business.

This degree program can introduce students to the business field. Business administration programs may offer students the opportunity to attend professional conferences and seminars. This can help students start networking within their field.

A third reason to earn a degree in business administration is to jump start your career in the field of your choice. Business administration programs can help you develop the skills you need to become an accountant or financial professional. These degree programs can also expose students to internship opportunities and established business professionals.

An education in business administration can lead to several career opportunities in a variety of fields. It is a highly useful degree and can help individuals build a career. Martin LeFevre studied at Southern Illinois University and then moved to Florida after he earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He studied business administration as well as accounting and became an accountant.