I’ve recently become truly interested in making my lifestyle healthier. It wasn’t because of any health problems, I was just curious about habits that could help me avoid any future health issues.

The world of health advice can be a very confusing place. If you ask ten experts about a health topic, all ten of them may have completely opposite opinions. My goal was to find advice that most health experts agree on and make a guide that I wish I had found when I started exploring how to become healthier.

Disclaimer 1: I’ve put a lot of effort into verifying all the information and sources, but I’m not an expert on nutrition or exercise. If you have any health conditions, please consult them with your doctor, nutritionist or physiotherapist. Do use your common sense to judge everything in this article (and everywhere else too for that matter). …


Martin Lipták

I'm a software developer who loves creating applications that improve people's lives. I also enjoy travelling, learning languages and meeting people.

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