5 Interesting Facts about Lenovo, Which you had no idea

Lisa Martin
Oct 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Lenovo, now the well known brand has a history which not all of us are aware of. Read the facts in the following blog and you will be surprised with the facts related to the company:

  1. Since Lenovo as a brand is very cool and therefore, we believe it is a comparatively newer brand but did you know it was found in November 1, 1984. Yes, that way back, it was founded by Liu Chuanzhi with a group of ten engineers and about $30,000 or 200,000 yuan. Pretty impressive, right?
  2. Gathering from the Lenovo Support team, Yang Yuanqing felt “legend” was too common a word for a company name for a tech brand. The current name is still rooted in a very unique way where “Le-” from legend and “-novo”, means “new” in Latin. Basically, the name of the enterprise means “the new Legend”. During this promotion, most of the ads featured an image of the company’s new logo with blue sky as a backdrop and a single line “Transcendence depends on how you think”.
  3. So, if you are thinking about why did it gets its due so late, it is because of the name of the brand. At first, it was named “New Technology Developer, Inc.” and then for 15 years, it was known as the “Legend” and it got its name “Lenovo” only at 2003. This name changing game might help you in understanding about its popularity being received so late.
  4. As mentioned in one of the previous facts, it has a pretty slow start with only 10 engineers but in 1988, the company posted a recruitment ad on the front page of China Youth News. This ad had the most overwhelming response and there were over 500 applicants, a written exam for 280 candidates, amongst that 120 candidates received interview calls and 58 who were given official offers and brought on board. To make a rather interesting fact, the current CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanquing is one of the hires of this recruitment lot.
  5. Well, if you thought, it is just another PC company, hold on a second. Currently, the company holds approximately 20 percent of global PC sales, which accounts to 65 percent of the company’s total revenue approximately. With its high-quality and super sleek personal computers, Lenovo’s annual revenue is 65 percent due to the company’s growing mobile division; earlier it was 80 percent to be precise.

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Hi! My name is Lisa Martin from Australia working as Assistant Manager at Lenovo Supports Australia.https://macpatchers.com.au/lenovo-support-australia.html

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