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I made a post on another sports network page following a similar stance surrounding the Spurs, calling out the stats and other hard proof. I was called an idiot and other not nice words and that I don’t know what I was talking about. The Spurs will be “upset” by the Rockets in this series, just too much athleticism and speed. I did say “they only have Kawhi”, and everyone jumps on my case “they have 5 Hall of Famers”. I counter with the same argument about Parker/Pau/Manu that you stated. Being a Blazer fan, I’ve seen my share of LaMarcus, and said that he was not a top 50 player, but after my research, I adjusted him to be the 17th best forward, so that would put him as a top 45 player or so. Amazed that you are allowing yourself to be attacked by the Spurs Nation. I think you’re right Kevin that the Spurs are in trouble. We’ll see if my other off kilter pick of the Raptors coming out the East comes to fruition.

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