I Love My Twitter Stream Again

I was getting really bored of Twitter, a comic featured on the Guardian highlighted what I was thinking, it’s changed. I no longer wanted to see a stream of tweets from people wanting to show me something — something they’ve created, something they’re trying to sell, or something they’ve found. I wanted Twitter to be a sociable, social network again.

So I muted ‘http’ from my stream.

Using Tweetbot on iOS — my Twitter client of choice — I culled about 75% of my timeline’s tweets in one swift manoeuvre. My timeline was full of people again. I no longer miss the important stuff, I’ve started to @reply to people more often and have conversations with people. I’ve started to post my own thoughts, opinions and comments more often.

Twitter is back, or at least the Twitter I’m seeing is.

What Next?

I only follow 340 people on Twitter, which is quite a low number compared to many others, I now see even fewer tweets than before and I feel like I’ve now got a little room to follow some more people.

So I started searching for like minded people, people with similar interests to my own. I had a look through the streams of those that looked tempting to follow and all I could see were tweets with links; websites, blog posts, YouTube videos, images, Instagram posts. Barely any tweets that would get past my filter. #sadface

They are hundreds of blog posts on how to promote your stuff on Twitter, what kind of tweet gives you the most engagement, how many hashtags you should use alongside a link (the answer is 2, btw), I wonder how many blog posts exist about being engaging on Twitter and putting your 2 cents out there?

What About The Missing Tweets?

Are they really that important? It’s proven that people who don’t watch the news are happier, I’m now even more blissfully unaware of all the rubbish going on in the world than I was before. And if it is something earth shattering, I’m positive someone in the real world will tell me about it.

I do still want to see links to things; I like getting curated articles and links from a handful of people in my email inbox, where I can click and read things at my leisure. Elsewhere I follow a bunch of artists I like on Instagram, so if I want to see pictures and inspiring artwork, I open up Instagram. I’ve started using the Apple News iOS app (which I really like, btw) for film, TV and updates on a couple of other subjects I’m interested in. I’ll head over to Soundcloud if I want to check in on my favourite DJs. I’ll head over to Toffeeweb for my fix on Everton. I don’t need it all in my Twitter stream.

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