How to Protect Your Gmail Account with Safe Use?

Gmail account provides a communication facility for internet users and a privilege to register for various services online. And users login many times during a day using the Gmail login details which increases the risk of hacking or misuse from hackers or anyone nearby you in the hunt for such opportunities. But with the help of few precautionary steps given below you can protect your Gmail account with safer use.

Change Your Password Regularly

Make a habit to change your password regularly, as may be sometimes you have saved it at various browsers or may be someone has watched you while login on the same computer system. Hence change Gmail account password is very important to protect your mail account from unauthorized use. And every time you change your Gmail password chose the new combination of unique letters and keywords.

Check and Remove Spam Mails

Changing password regularly is not enough to protect your Gmail account from other threats. Users receive unlimited mails daily into their inbox that includes promotional or non-promotional bulk mails from different senders which might have contained spams to spoil your computer. So, you need to check these spam mails and remove them on regular basis to avoid any kind of disturbance into your mail account.

Scan Mails for Virus and Malware

Just like your computer system external connectivity or internet based services, mail inbox is also a major source of virus and malware attack. Gmail technical support service helps to scan and remove virus or malware from mail inboxes to protect the confidential information of user. Users have to give access of their mail account to carry out this process and they should also change password on Gmail after this.

Check and Update Your Profile Regularly

To register with Gmail a user have to fill all his personal details like Full name, gender, date of birth, mobile number and location to register with compete and unique details. And to ensure the privacy or protect from unauthorized access you might be also asked to save answer of a secret question which will also help you when you forgot Gmail password. Updating such details makes your Gmail account stronger and protects from hackers or from any kind of unauthorized access with more security features.