Who needs European Employment Rights? We all do.
Sean Jones

Martin Lynch

The point is, surely, that if we were dependent on the EU to prevent the government from cutting workers rights, as many supporting ‘remain’ argue that we are, why do we have rights which are, in a number of cases, significantly better than the European minimum?

The fact that a minimum wage is outside the remit of the EU underlines that we are not dependent on it. The statements claimed as ‘wrong’ are in fact entirely accurate as you do kind of acknowledge in your article, despite your headline slogan. Certainly they are not the sum total of employment law and are not claimed to be. What they show is that we are not at the mercy of everything being driven to the EU minimum and reliant on it to prevent the government from destroying legal protection. Workers’ and trade union struggles and campaigns are, I would suggest, ultimately the source of our rights which the law may be won to underpin.

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