Seyecelles and Eric Prince

The more I think of it, Trump and Putin are very similar.

Both very experienced in how to get things done,

via corruption. Corruption is a method of conducting business.

It usually involves cash. Taxes, give to Caesar what is caesar’s, but only if you really, really need to.

Pay me in gold.

The Isle of Man, Switzerland, Bank of Cypress, Chase Manhattan……

They both don’t like free press.


Lie and deny everything and deny about lieing about denying.

Like gold furniture,

Palaces & yatchs.

conducting government under the method crimmenalis, let’s see how it works in Russia.

Payola buys loyalty. Everybody has a price.

Maybe corruption needs a new name like, payola or some less recognized derogatory know

Criminal. OK, I’ff do the work, you just sit there, reading this crap for god know what reason, runoff sentences misspellings and np punctuation mark. A first dry should never be edit, unless incoherent.

guess you have no choice as we are facebook friends — where does the face come in?

Everybody has a price, Romney, Ryan, Lying Ted, that so called war hero McCain —

all following my lead — I cut corruption law payment notification to the public, I cut coal pollution regulations, epa regulations, state diplomacy personnel ( we don’t need to talk to other people for ideas) health care… Business first — Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…tax cuts on stock gains and corporate income

4% unemployment is our enemy — huh?

Tax breaks to the rich, especially in stock gains, estate transfers

will reduce unemployment to never never land, Trust Me!

I know everything.

Let’s build a Great Wall of China.

We are above the law, we make the law.

Walls, walls and more walls — Canada next!

Let’ make America White Again, oops I mean great.

Thought I made a mistake once, but was wrong on that as it turned out.

I know more about everything that anyone.

After all I am the Boss.

Talk later comrades — DJT Bannion

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